Monday, August 3, 2009


It has been nearly 8 MONTHS since I posted anything! Truth be told, I've been wildly busy this year and thankfully that granted me some excellent opportunities to shoot some fabulous events! This is a warning that I have a few many posts that are about to explode onto this blog site.

Also new is that I have finally hunkered down and made a commitment to this business, so I purchased a website which is currently in bloom. I will lead you to it as soon as it is finished! I am working diligently to get it perfect and ready to show off to you!

Things you have to look forward to:
Detail shots from Janet & Rodger getting hitched in May!
Amanda & Joe's Wedding Reception!
Jemissa & Zack's Wedding shots from LAST WEEK!
Also some beautiful kid shots and pet shots

I'll throw in two extra bonus sweet pictures today of what I've been up to all summer!

I spent a majority of my summer dealing with kids like this... Camp Dixie. Actually that's my dear sweet friend Rachel, who was in one of the weddings that is to come on my blog! She's not always portraying her alter ego as she is above, but I couldn't resist. :)

Below is a picture from the beach. Who knew something so scary could be so lovely? Can you guess where I am?

I hope you all forgive my long absence. No? Well, just keep checking back to see the new things I have coming up! I promise you'll forgive me soon enough. ;)

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  1. I have not a clue as to what it,but I will dare to say some type of jelly fish or eel??? hee hee hee. The blog looks great. I love all your beautiful and candid photographs. They are pure art. I can't wait to see your illustrations as well. The Banner is beautiful!!! It has you written all over it hee he hee! Keep us all posted with new happenings. Take care.