Friday, November 7, 2008

Leanne & Kevin Daughtry!

October 25th, 2008!

Testing out depth of field on the candle holders.

They had a beautiful handbell choir.

The bride getting her hair done.

Making smart fast food choices. ;)

The papa.

I was not the actual photographer for this wedding. Jason brought along his 40D for me to practice, "Just in case." Not surprising, he's always supporting me in this. I wouldn't know much about my camera without him sharing his knowledge. Leanne is a good friend of ours so she loved letting me get some experience in before the actual photographers got there. I was more than thrilled and will be giving her a CD with these and more. They had such a beautiful and classy wedding at a perfect little white chapel. The reception followed at a nearby vineyard and was just lovely.

I actually was the second videographer for their wedding. I manned the stationery one at the front of the chapel. I don't think Jason's checked my part of the video (he's in India until Sunday) yet...we'll see! Maybe I'll switch professions. ;) No, probably not. He can stick to the video and I'll continue with the photos. By the way, he's extremely talented with pictures, too. His website is Check it out!

Congratulations Leanne and Kevin! They have recently returned from their honeymoon and she is glowing. Probably due to their awesome tropical location. I love you guys!



    keep snapping away.
    jason is a good "rooter on-er"