Friday, August 21, 2009

Coy & Kaylee!

Here is to impromptu photo shoots with two of the most adorable kids on this earth rock. A few weeks ago I took some candid shots of Coy and Kaylee during a family trip to the beach. We go to Carolina Beach often and each time we try to sneak in our favorite foods no matter what time frame our stay encompasses. If you knew my family you would know that about 80% of our trips or vacations (or life, probably) revolve around food and getting ready to go get food. Where to eat and what to eat. So, one of our signature stops is always Squigly's for ice cream. Which they have in abundance offering over '4,050 flavors'! Below you will see how Kaylee's hair is an example of another kind of squigly. Maybe we should stop eating there so often.

Coming soon...Zack and Jemissa's wedding...

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  1. Hey, TLK! These are great!

    I nominated you for an award on my blog. Hope it makes you smile!