Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Triangle Jazz Quartet

Well, this has been a wild two weeks! I've stayed consistently busy, successfully avoiding all necessary odd jobs like, laundry, having food in the house, and replacing my bald tires before I careen into a ditch in the rain. A ha! But I have tackled two of the three and am on my way to an orderly life once again. That is, before more chaos ensues.

During this time off (ha ha) from my blog. I had two wonderful photo shoots with bands I think you will like. The first of which was a couple weekends ago in downtown Raleigh. A group called the Triangle Jazz Quartet! The guys were great; they kept us laughing through the whole shoot. Which is stupendous because it combines my two great loves! Laughing and taking pictures! Some may say I do both too often but I beg to differ. The only time to be serious is never...unless your cat gets hit by a car that day or you get stranded at an amusement park hours from home. Not speaking from experience...however, if those things happened it could also be funny days later when you realize the ridiculousness of reactions or scenarios. Anyway, far from the point! It was a great time in the heat of the summer listening to the awesomely smooth jazz in the City Market. Book them for your next event!

Here's the snippets...

See? They're amazing, I know. If only you could hear the music with the pictures. Well, here's their website so you can get some musical accompaniment: Triangle Jazz Quartet

The second band is a punk rock band called The Slick. There are many pictures to come! Get excited!

P.S. Since people have been asking. I do have pricing, but since the website is not active yet you will have to contact me for further info! Email me at: ThepoLkaKid@gmail.com


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